Fedora Board’s Town Hall

Today we had a great Town Hall meeting kindly hosted and moderated by Kevin Fenzi (nirik). We received a lot of interesting and nice questions by the contributors and developers that were attending: What do you feel needs to be improved in the Fedora Community? How can you’re being on the Board improve the Community? Do you think that too many issues in Fedora are referred directly to the Board, and if so, how would you like to see this improved? [Read More]

Fedora Board’s Questionnaire

If you are not subscribed to the fedora-announce mailing list but you are still interested in having a look at my responses about community-asked questions, here they are: What will you be able to accomplish by being elected, that you would not otherwise be able to do as a contributor? (As you will notice by reading the list right down here) Being a single contributor makes achieving these points impossible since changing how localized communities should work, improving our CoC and enforcing its rules and re-thinking Board’s role in our community is something that must be discussed and voted within the Board and its members. [Read More]