Fedora Board’s Town Hall

Today we had a great Town Hall meeting kindly hosted and moderated by Kevin Fenzi (nirik). We received a lot of interesting and nice questions by the contributors and developers that were attending:

  1. What do you feel needs to be improved in the Fedora Community? How can you’re being on the Board improve the Community?
  2. Do you think that too many issues in Fedora are referred directly to the Board, and if so, how would you like to see this improved?
  3. Tell us something about what you like doing that isn’t computer or fedora related. What do you like doing for fun?
  4. What do you plan to do about the issues of polish? Specifically, shipping with minor issues that with recent releases have been hurting the Fedora name.
  5. What are the plans for mobile devices, such as phones, tablets, ‘pads’, etc.? What are the chances of working on a ‘spin’ for such emerging technologies?
  6. The board has discussed working on “goals” over the next term. (a) do you think these goals should be focused on helping “us” (people already in the community) or our “target audience”? (b) what goals would you like to see fedora achieve?
  7. Is anyone in favor the board doing more of its business in public view? I mean like all of it that actually can be?
  8. What do you plan to do to address operator abuse in #fedora? 2. What penalties will there be for operators when it’s deemed that they are abusing their authority or swaying from Fedora’s values?
  9. What can be done to bring Fedora to lead market share amonsgt Linux desktops? What can be done to take market share from Microsoft Windows?
  10. How do you measure the success of the Fedora Project as a whole?
  11. Recently we’ve seen an influx in new users with questions as well as new volunteers with skills (and no idea where to make use of them). What should we do to better facilitate community engagement?
  12. How do the candidates feel that they are viewed by the general population of new Fedora users as representatives of Fedora, and do they set an example of model behavior? If so how?

If any of the above questions do cover a topic you are interested in, please take a few minutes to read candidates answers and discussions by looking at the meeting’s log. Enjoy!