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Me, myself and I

I’m an Italian Red Hatter who lives in New York City. While my primary education field has been Law, my passion and dedication for the FOSS world have brought me to volunteer and keep up many activities for GNOME and Fedora for several years.

What I am doing now:

What I have done in the past:

  • Maintained a set of RPM packages for the Fedora / EPEL repositories
  • Designed the old Edubuntu’s Homepage for the Ubuntu Italian LoCo Team as reported on my announcement on the Ubuntu-it’s forums.
  • Wrote several Wiki pages and their translations for the Ubuntu international and italian communities.
  • Have been an Ubuntu Developer uploading several packages into the main and universe repositories, full list available at my Launchpad ID.
  • Sponsored and cleaned up the Ubuntu’s universe queue within the Ubuntu Sponsors Team.
  • Have helped out the awesome Insight Team setting up a working Drupal website meant to publish and share news and articles related to Fedora.
  • Been an AM and helped out new contributors to go through the NM process and hopefully welcome them as Debian Developers.
  • Have been a Debian Developer and working on my Debian packages available at my QA Page.
  • Was the secretary of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 terms.
  • Have been a proud member of the Fedora Infrastructure Team.

Random bits:

  • My Ubuntu MOTU interview is available at this link.
  • A brief summary of my Accounts Team work can be found browsing Paul Cutler’s Blog.
  • My Fedora Italia interview is now available at this webpage.
  • Some material from my candidacy for the Fedora Board: Election’s Questionnaire, Town Hall’s meeting log and my nomination.
  • I made the news at
  • My interview for World Trademark Review about the GNOME trademark dispute with Groupon is available here (requires registration).
  • My Bachelor degree thesis having “Legal profiles of the GNOME Desktop Environment: from source code’s freedom to users’ participation in the community” as its title can be consulted here. (italian only)


  • My presentation for the FAD Milan 2012 event can be downloaded here
  • My presentation for the Open Source Day 2014 in Udine about Puppet is here (italian only)
  • GNOME Foundation Annual General Meeting (AGM) reports (GNOME Infrastructure)




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