Nagios IRC Notifications

Lately (as I earlier pointed out on my blog) I’ve been working on improving GNOME’s infrastructure monitoring services. After configuring XMPP it was time to find out a good way for sending out relevant notifications to our IRC channel hosted on GIMPNET. I achieved that with a nice combo: supybot + supybot-notify, all that mixed up with a few grains of Nagios command definitions.

But here we go with a little step-by-step guide:


1. Install supybot and configure a new installation:

2. Install and load the supybot-notify plugin by doing:

Finally, load the plugin. (this will require you to authenticate to the bot)

Nagios configuration

1. Add the relevant command definitions to the commands.cfg file:

* adjust the Netcat’s host and port to your needs, in my case Supybot and Nagios were running on the same host. In the case of a Supybot running on a different host than Nagios, tweak Iptables to allow the desired port:

2. Add a new entry on the contacts.cfg file:

3. Reload Nagios:

And finally, enjoy the result: