The GNOME Infrastructure’s FreeIPA move behind the scenes

A few days ago I wrote about the GNOME Infrastructure moving to FreeIPA, the post was mainly an announcement to the relevant involved parties with many informative details for contributors to properly migrate their account details off from the old authentication system to the new one. Today’s post is a follow-up to that announcement but it’s going to take into account the reasons about our choice to migrate to FreeIPA, what we found interesting and compelling about the software and why we think more projects (them being either smaller or bigger) should migrate to it. [Read More]

SSH Tunneling for VNC

Logging in into a Linux machine and executing the hundreds commands available is just one of the most common usages of OpenSSH. Another interesting and very useful usage is tunneling some specific (or even all) traffic from your local machine to an external machine you have access to. Today we’ll analyze how to access a certain virtual machine’s console by tunneling the relevant VNC port locally and accessing it through your favorite VNC client. [Read More]