Adding reCAPTCHA support to Mailman

The GNOME and many other infrastructures have been recently attacked by an huge amount of subscription-based spam against their Mailman istances. What the attackers were doing was simply launching a GET call against a specific REST API URL passing all the parameters it needed for a subscription request (and confirmation) to be sent out. Understanding it becomes very easy when you look at the following example taken from our apache.log: [Read More]

Building Debian packages with Deb-o-Matic

Today I’ll be telling you about an interesting way to build your Debian packages using Deb-o-Matic, a tool developed and maintained by Luca Falavigna. Some more details about this tool from the package’s description: Deb-o-Matic is an easy to use build machine for Debian source packages based on pbuilder, written in Python. It provides a simple tool to automate build of source packages with limited user interaction and a simple configuration. [Read More]

Bits from September / October

Debian maintainer: Some days ago I had the great announcement that my Debian Maintainer‘s application was accepted and thanks to Jonathan McDowell my key is finally into the debian-maintainers keyring. (which is now part of the debian-keyring itself thanks to the ftp-masters / keyring maintainer work that made the changes on both DAK and keyring) I applied on the 22th of August, and thanks to Reinhard’s advocation, everything went on the right side. [Read More]