A few other additions to my Mutt and Desktop setup!

A few days ago I blogged about my main computer’s configuration files and desktop’s appearance and today I managed to add a few little tweaks to those, they are: Google’s contacts list integrated into Mutt a cleaner and nicer Login screen Curious to know how you can easily integrate your Google’s contacts into Mutt? Well, you should be able to achieve that within a few minutes after reading this small HowTo: [Read More]

New Desktop, Mutt and Irssi setup!

I bought a new PC a few weeks ago and I then decided to renew a bit my Desktop, my Mutt and my Irssi setup. I’ve been spending several hours cleaning up old scripts, logs and configuration files but the result definitely seems to reward me the right way. But here they come a few screenshots: Desktop Irssi Mutt If you liked all the above and would like to reproduce everything yourself, you should consider having a look at my GitHub’s repository. [Read More]