Back from GUADEC 2018

Been a while since GUADEC 2018 has ended but subsequent travels and tasks reduced the time to write up a quick summary of what happened during this year’s GNOME conference. The topics I’d like to emphasize mainly are: We’re hiring another Infrastructure Team member We’ve successfully finalized the cgit to GitLab migration Future plans including the migration to Openshift GNOME Foundation hirings With the recent donation of 1M the Foundation has started recruiting on a variety of different new professional roles including a new Infrastructure team member. [Read More]

Back from GUADEC 2014

Coming back from GUADEC has never been easy, so much fun, so much great people to speak with and amazing talks to watch but this year has definitely been harder as I totally felt in love with the city that was hosting the event. Honestly speaking I’ve been amazed by how Strasbourg looks like: alsace houses and buildings are just delightful, the cathedral is stunning and people have been so welcoming during my whole stay. [Read More]

Back from GUADEC 2013

I wanna be really honest, getting back home from this year’s GUADEC has been very painful for me but not because of the trip back home. I had such a very good time at Brno that I actually wanted to stay there for way more days! I must admit that I’ve been missing the italian food for a while until Mattias Bengtsson suggested me to try having a dinner at the “Flavours” indian restaurant. [Read More]