Backup your Gmail in a few easy steps!

I’ve actually spent a few hours searching around for a good backup solution for my mailbox until I decided to stick with getmail. What you’ll be able to achieve after reading this HowTo and deploying the following setup is: A full backup of your e-mail DATA in the Mbox format. (yes, Gmail’s labels / folders as well) Prevent getmail to mark all mails as read after delivering them. (this was a pretty bad issue since getmail was marking all my mails as read even if I did not access my e-mail at all) Keep your backups up-to-date with the latest content from your mailbox. [Read More]

Automatic Gmail’s Trash & Spam folders cleanup

Since some time I’ve been thinking about a possible way to delete my Gmail’s Trash & Spam folders content automatically without having to bother doing it manually every single time I wanted to check my mail and clean it up. (I love keeping everything in place and having my Trash&Spam folders empty as they should be makes me pretty happy) A few years ago when Mutt was my main mail client I had the need to filter my mail through IMAP and while googling around for that I found out a great piece of software: imapfilter. [Read More]