Backup your Gmail in a few easy steps!

I’ve actually spent a few hours searching around for a good backup solution for my mailbox until I decided to stick with getmail. What you’ll be able to achieve after reading this HowTo and deploying the following setup is: A full backup of your e-mail DATA in the Mbox format. (yes, Gmail’s labels / folders as well) Prevent getmail to mark all mails as read after delivering them. (this was a pretty bad issue since getmail was marking all my mails as read even if I did not access my e-mail at all) Keep your backups up-to-date with the latest content from your mailbox. [Read More]

Automatic Gmail’s Trash & Spam folders cleanup

Since some time I’ve been thinking about a possible way to delete my Gmail’s Trash & Spam folders content automatically without having to bother doing it manually every single time I wanted to check my mail and clean it up. (I love keeping everything in place and having my Trash&Spam folders empty as they should be makes me pretty happy) A few years ago when Mutt was my main mail client I had the need to filter my mail through IMAP and while googling around for that I found out a great piece of software: imapfilter. [Read More]

Fedora Board’s Town Hall

Today we had a great Town Hall meeting kindly hosted and moderated by Kevin Fenzi (nirik). We received a lot of interesting and nice questions by the contributors and developers that were attending: What do you feel needs to be improved in the Fedora Community? How can you’re being on the Board improve the Community? Do you think that too many issues in Fedora are referred directly to the Board, and if so, how would you like to see this improved? [Read More]

Fedora Board’s Questionnaire

If you are not subscribed to the fedora-announce mailing list but you are still interested in having a look at my responses about community-asked questions, here they are: What will you be able to accomplish by being elected, that you would not otherwise be able to do as a contributor? (As you will notice by reading the list right down here) Being a single contributor makes achieving these points impossible since changing how localized communities should work, improving our CoC and enforcing its rules and re-thinking Board’s role in our community is something that must be discussed and voted within the Board and its members. [Read More]

Planet Edited? More details to come!

Today I had the possibility to announce a new tool for the Fedora Project, a sub-planet called ‘Edited’ mainly focused on Fedora-related posts and announcements. The scenario we gonna have when Edited will become a known tool by the whole project can be resumed as it follows: team leaders or whoever will be appointed to, will send out their team’s status and any relevant announcement such as important changes, needs for help directed to any contributor unsure about where and how to start contributing to a specific team. [Read More]

Bits from September / October

Debian maintainer: Some days ago I had the great announcement that my Debian Maintainer‘s application was accepted and thanks to Jonathan McDowell my key is finally into the debian-maintainers keyring. (which is now part of the debian-keyring itself thanks to the ftp-masters / keyring maintainer work that made the changes on both DAK and keyring) I applied on the 22th of August, and thanks to Reinhard’s advocation, everything went on the right side. [Read More]

BehindMOTU: La mia Intervista…

Pochi giorni fa ho avuto l’onore di essere intervistato da BehindMOTU, vi riporto l’intera intervista (ovviamente in inglese) augurandovi ,inoltre, una buona lettura! Potete trovare il post originale qua. Today we are interviewing Andrea Veri, fresh MOTU and eager Ubuntu volunteer. Age: 18 Location: Udine, Italy IRC Nick: bluekuja How long have you used Linux and what was your first distro? I started using Linux at the end of 2005 using Red Hat and Fedora distros, contributing on writing several pages for Fedora documentation (mostly server docs) but mainly working on some packaging-related activities (introducing ctorrent, gtorrent-viewer and v2strip packages inside Fedora) for more than 3 months until the beginning of March 2006 when I decided to move definitely to Ubuntu after discovering it at a friend’s party. [Read More]

Il primo upload ha sempre un sapore speciale!

Questo pomeriggio ho eseguito il primo upload nell’archivio di Ubuntu e devo dire che ricevere poco dopo la mail di conferma e di successo dell’operazione è qualcosa di veramente speciale! Mi trovavo in una delle tante cartelle della mia Home e dopo aver controllato innumerevoli volte che tutto fosse corretto, ho lanciato dput e eseguito l’upload del pacchetto in questione, che, dopo il solito controllo della chiave di autorizzazione (GPG-Key) ha provveduto ad inviare i file necessari al server, mandandomi poco dopo l’email che tanto aspettavo: ACCEPTED. [Read More]

Una grande soddisfazione!

Dopo ben 3 mesi dalla mia presentazione al MOTU Council per la candidatura ufficiale a Master of the Universe è giunta ieri la lieta mail di Matt Zimmerman, chairman della tech board di Ubuntu e responsabile di ogni decisione finale per ogni candidatura presentata al consiglio. La mail che potete trovare nella mailing list di ubuntu-devel annuncia il mio ingresso come developer ufficiale di Ubuntu, con permessi di upload all’interno dell’archivio. [Read More]

Creazione MOTU Torrent Team

Era da parecchio tempo ormai che l’idea di creare una squadra che si dedicasse solamente alla manutenzione di pacchetti legati al protocollo bittorrent mi percorreva la mente. Da intendere però che per manutenzione non si preveda solo la creazione di pacchetti non presenti negli archivi ma anche di tenere aggiornate le applicazioni già presenti nelle componenti main e universe tramite merges e syncs da debian, creando una collaborazione tra upstream e debian stesso per migliorare i programmi disponibili introducendo magari nuove realtà anche nel mondo delle librerie legate ai torrent. [Read More]