A childhood’s dream

Six months since my latest blog post is definitely a lot and reminds me how difficult this year has been for me in many ways. Back in June 2015 I received a job proposal as a Systems and Network Engineer from a company located in Padova, a city in the north-east part of Italy which is around 150km (around 93 miles) away from my home-town. The offer looked very interesting and I went for it. [Read More]

Back from GUADEC 2013

I wanna be really honest, getting back home from this year’s GUADEC has been very painful for me but not because of the trip back home. I had such a very good time at Brno that I actually wanted to stay there for way more days! I must admit that I’ve been missing the italian food for a while until Mattias Bengtsson suggested me to try having a dinner at the “Flavours” indian restaurant. [Read More]