A childhood’s dream

Six months since my latest blog post is definitely a lot and reminds me how difficult this year has been for me in many ways. Back in June 2015 I received a job proposal as a Systems and Network Engineer from a company located in Padova, a city in the north-east part of Italy which is around 150km (around 93 miles) away from my home-town. The offer looked very interesting and I went for it. The idea I originally had was to relocate there but the extremely high costs of rents (the city is well known in Italy as one of the best places to take University courses on several faculties) and the fact I really wanted to experiment on whether the job description was actually going to match the expectations I had, I opted to not relocate at all and travel daily to work by train (a total of 4 hours per day spent travelling).

I still recall one of my friends saying me “I am sure you won’t make it for more than two weeks” and how satisfying has been mentioning him a few days ago I did make it for roughly one year. Spending around 4 hours every day on a train hasn’t been that fun but the passion and love for what I’ve been doing has helped me overcoming the difficulties I encountered. At some point something I honestly was expecting arrived: my professional grow at the company was completely stuck. While I initially told myself the moment was surely going to not persist much longer, the opposite happened.

For a passionate, enthusiast and “hungry” person like I am that was one of the worst situations that could ever happened and it was definitely time for me to look at new opportunities. That’s where my childhood’s dream became reality: I will be joining the Platform Operations Team at Red Hat as a System Administrator starting from mid-July! Being part of a great family which cares about Open Source and its values makes me proud and I would really like to thank Red Hat for this incredible opportunity.

On a side note I will be in Brno between the 14th and the 16th of July, please drop me a note if you want to have a drink together!