Leaving Fedora

After several months of contributions I decided to leave the Fedora community. I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time (after Fedora’s Board elections held around one month ago) before taking my decision. Many things during these months made me lose my enthusiasm and willingness to help out: everything started when I proposed the JustFedora Planet back in February 2011. Many “contributors” started a real campaign against me made of several blog posts and accusations, where the main topic alwais resumed the fact Planet JustFedora was a sort of freedom’s privation. I never had that in mind when proposing such sub-planet. I just wanted to collect all Fedora-related blog posts and place them in a single planet, where contributors and users could read and enjoy the latest news or informations about their beloved distribution.

I just went over that event and kept contributing. A few months later while cleaning up Fedora’s mailing lists I got attacked by a certain “Bob” arguing I was doing things the wrong way, a very long and tumultuos IRC conversation followed but I didn’t give up: I was pretty much sure the Fedora community could still give me more gratifications and happiness, but something had to be changed, something obviously wasn’t going the right way and I decided to commit myself for the big change.

At the same time the situation within the Italian community was getting worsen every day: contributors and ambassadors were divided and fighting themselves, they just wanted their local community to prevail against the other: they just didn’t realize Fedora wasn’t going to benefit from that behaviour.

I then decided to run for the upcoming Fedora Board’s elections, I prepared my nomination and I wrote a small statement about what I wanted to see change in Fedora and why, I answered community-asked questions, I went to the Town Hall meeting and I spent some time answering contributors questions about my view of Fedora’s future and community. The elections went through and when the results appeared I found myself being very disappointed not really about the results themselves but about certain candidates behaviour. Many of them didn’t take a single minute to write up some basic answers to the Fedora 16’s Questionnaire, many of them did not even attend the Town Hall meeting at all and no single e-mail reached my inbox announcing the impossibility to attend the meeting or answering the questions. If you can’t find the time to answer a few questions or attend a meeting, how do you expect working successfully on the Board? How do you expect community people to trust and respect you and your work if you disrespect them?

At this point, I felt so sad and I disappointed that I decided to just leave the Fedora community. I had great times with Paul Frields, Peter Borsa and all the Fedora’s Infrastructure Team and I definitely hope to stay in touch with them as long as I can, thanks guys for the support and for the awesome collaboration.

Update: as of today, 23 December 2011, I’m back contributing to the Fedora project, I decided to forget all the issues and just focus on what made me happy and enthusiast during the past year spent working on Fedora. Nice to see you guys again!

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