Planet Edited? More details to come!

Today I had the possibility to announce a new tool for the Fedora Project, a sub-planet called ‘Edited’ mainly focused on Fedora-related posts and announcements.

The scenario we gonna have when Edited will become a known tool by the whole project can be resumed as it follows:

  • team leaders or whoever will be appointed to, will send out their team’s status and any relevant announcement such as important changes, needs for help directed to any contributor unsure about where and how to start contributing to a specific team. (I heard dozen times new contributors coming into #fedora-admin asking more informations about when and where should they start contributing. I think having a working tool like Edited will make it easier for everyone finding a duty to work at)
  • a new contributor or a general user willing to know more about how Fedora works behind the scenes will find in Edited the greatest companion ever. No need to cherrypick relevant informations between several posts, but all the information he/she might need directly in a few clicks.

Please remember that Planet Fedora is not and won’t be the same as Edited. They are different things and they will remain separate. While Planet Fedora is open to any general discussion (from talking about Debian or Ubuntu, to any other Free Software topic), we will try to make Edited as much as we can close to Fedora and its development.

Lastly, one of the things I had in mind when setting Edited up was transparency and that’s why all the requests are currently stored on the Fedora Infrastructure’s Trac istance. (I added a link about how the whole process works but looks like someone didnt see it, correct Larry?)

Anyway I’ve been talking with two or three team leaders and they told they will be more than happy to send out announcements through Edited. Let’s make it rock then!

See you on Edited!