Bits from September / October

Debian maintainer:

Some days ago I had the great announcement that my Debian Maintainer‘s application was accepted and thanks to Jonathan McDowell my key is finally into the debian-maintainers keyring. (which is now part of the debian-keyring itself thanks to the ftp-masters / keyring maintainer work that made the changes on both DAK and keyring)

I applied on the 22th of August, and thanks to Reinhard’s advocation, everything went on the right side. Many thanks to all the people who made this possible.


Around 3 weeks ago I started being involved with the pkg-mozext team working on the new policy and to mozilla-devscripts transition for all iceweasel / icedove extensions. The work is going great so far and we managed to update several extensions that are now part of the team itself. For a fast look at our package list, feel free to browse pkg-mozext’s QA page. A lot of work needs to be done, so if anyone wanna jump in, I would suggest to read our guidelines / policy into the team’s Wiki Page.


GNOME 2.28 is now released, and the pkg-gnome team is now working hard to provide all the needed updates into unstable and experimental. Everything is going great and we are cleaning up everything listed on our schedule.

Ephipany is under transition (gecko –> webkit) so there are still some open issues / bugs, but now it looks fine so far and it can be used without any particular problem.